Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Do CEO’s Think About?

One of the areas you need to consider when you are networking is a concept that Dale Carnegie discusses in “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is the notion that you can make friends by becoming interested in other people.  From a networking perspective, focusing on other’s first, is job number one.  If you are interested in helping them with their challenges, you will succeed. 

I follow several newsletters and blogs and today I’d like to highlight Paul DiModica’s words around the metrics that CEO’s follow.  There are the things that “keep them up at night” and if you do some planning before a meeting, your chances of connecting to them are increased substantially.  From a financial perspective they think about:

Financial Liquidity

Profits and Profit Margin


Borrowing Capacity

Corporate Asset Usage

Employees Performance

By linking to Value Forward Selling you can read in more detail, how these metrics affect the ability of a corporation to thrive.  When somebody is minding the store, these are the metrics they look for!

Focus on helping them grow the top line, improve their margins, increase their net profit or lower their risk and you will have a great conversation and a connection for life!

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