Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Find a Leaking Ship

Where do I start?  Many of us sign up for the typical meet and greet at our local Chamber, technology forum or monthly “get together.”  While these organizations are important tools for connecting with people, often, the best way to start is to “find a leaking ship.”

What does that mean?  As a networker, the first thing you have to realize is that you have special gifts.  Others need what you have to offer.  Challenges abound.  Last night I received an email from an employee who was asking for others to assist the HERO Mentor Program for college-bound Juniors and Seniors.  The mentors guide and coach students through the college application process, which culminates with a College Signing Day. Wow!

In 1984, United Technologies published a series of topics in the Wall Street Journal.  I found them so inspiring that I wrote the Chairman of the Board and asked for a copy.  They sent me one!  Here is the message for:

Find a Leaking Ship

Many a foundering ship could be rescued by your ideas and energy.

A failing business, a scout troop, a church choir, a public school or a city council.

Plenty of struggling organizations are salvageable if they get the right kind of help.

Remember: America went from its greatest naval loss (Pearl Harbor) to its greatest naval victory (Midway) in just six months.

So plug up the leaks, trim the sails and get going.

Your effort can make a difference.

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Jay said...

Great to see your networking wisdom online, John!