Friday, August 20, 2010

Networking is about giving to others

A thought, an idea, an inspiration, a solution to a problem.  At the core of networking is the idea that if I want to be a connector of people then, I have to give myself away.  I have to be willing to connect people together.  I have to be an attractor of people.

If you set out on the journey of networking to share with others and genuinely help them, your rewards will be great. 

I received this movie clip today from a friend that was inspired by a consultant who was hired to help a grocery store become more customer service focused.  For all of us in the services business, taking care of clients is often a matter of the heart.  We can make a difference beyond the dollars and cents.  When you enter through this door, the possibilities created by networking are unlimited.

Watch this great story about Johnny the Bagger.

Just click here to watch.

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