Friday, December 3, 2010

University of Washington – Alpha Kappa Psi – Moving Forward!

Last night I had the pleasure of talking to a business fraternity at the University of Washington.  What a fun group!  Every time I get on a college campus to teach Networking for Life I think I get more than I give.   These folks were awesome.

The questions were sharp, the audience engaging and atmosphere of being in Seattle was terrific.  Thanks Alpha Kappa Psi!

When you look at the numbers - 45 to 50 thousand students at the University of Washington, roughly 2,000 in the business school and 50 in this business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, you can clearly see that doing more than average is the key to success.   Early today I blogged on a quote from Ben Franklin who coined the phrase “ the sleeping fox gathers no poultry.” These folks were no sleeping foxes!  We even had a little fun and raffled off a door prize using technology from a very cool marketing firm in Dallas called PocketStop.  One of the members walked away a little happier and with a little more green in the pocket. 

It was late on a Thursday evening, the holiday season and exams around the corner, and yet this group of Huskies were in a classroom learning about networking, a career in the technology industry and entrepreneurship.  They are to be commended.  (send your parents a link to this message and they’ll be proud AKP)  A while ago I talked about sometimes the magic is created by just showing up, but it is more than that.  These freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors are going through life with their heads up, looking around and learning how to be exceptional.  Learning networking skills while still in college will propel their careers to magnificent heights.  Start today!

Success is a journey that requires extra ordinary effort – nothing worth doing will come easy in life.  No matter how many tools we develop or how we think “things are changing,” the person in the fight who applies him or herself every day will be the winners of tomorrow. 

I was especially impressed by several of the questions.  The group was insightful and asked about one of our firm’s core values, Servant Leadership.  The greatest leaders throughout time have been givers not takers.  The takers may grab the headline from time to time, but the givers are behind the scenes helping, mentoring and prodding.  A servant in networking wins because he or she thinks about helping and connecting others.  What goes around does eventually come around!

I can’t always explain why, I just know it does.  So, in this challenging economic environment build your network.  As Harvey Mackay says, “dig your well.”  You never know when you might need a drink!

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