Friday, December 3, 2010

The Sleeping Fox Gathers no Poultry

I didn’t write that headline.

Ben Franklin did.

Get out of that bed and get cracking, he was saying.

Set your alarm for six, not seven.

If you think you do well after a two-martini lunch, see what you do after a two-orange juice breakfast.

Ben Franklin didn’t spend a lot of time snoozing.

Starting at age 13, with no formal education, he accomplished more than any other American since.

“Plow deep while sluggards sleep”, he also said.

So hop out of the sack.

Get up and go.

The fox is wide awake and he’ll grab all the chickens if you snooze.

As you think about your networking, develop a sense of urgency.  Focus on people.  Help them.  Put in the effort!

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