Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MISA at The University of Texas ROCKS!

Monday evening I had the honor to speak to a great group of students at MISA – the Management Information Systems Association at the University of Texas at Austin.  These guys are serious about Networking for Life!  The room was packed!

These young men and women understand that networking is more than just meeting people.  I heard from their Community Service Chairman, their Academic Chairman, their Social Chairman and others.  They are intent in doing well in college, having fun and giving back to the community.  Their parents would be proud! 

When it comes to finding a job the data is overwhelming.

  • “Networking has proven to be two to three times more productive than all other employment sources combined, accounting for an estimated 64 to 75% of all jobs landed.”  - Richard Beatty in his book Job Search Networking.
  • Almost two out of every three jobs (63.4%) were found via networking. – U.S. Department of Labor study that included 10.4 million job seekers.  Jobs posted accounted for filling 14% of job openings, search followed at 12%, while cold calls netted jobs for only 10.5% of job seekers.
  • Two similar studies by Harvard University professor and sociologist Mark Granovetter and the other by Brandywine Consulting Group showed that networking accounts for job landings in 74.5% and 68% of cases, respectively.

Organizations like MISA exist on campus’s across the U.S. and serve as a place for social gathering, networking, and act like a safety net to accelerate learning.  If you are a student, get involved.  If you are an adult, find your leaking ship.  If you are interested in MIS, get MISA going at your campus! You’ll be glad you did.

Things are rockin in MIS at The University of Texas

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